Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Milati means to "join" in Sanskrit. Today I feel things coming together. Joining.

Today was a day like any other, kids woke up, one tummy ache, one sleepy princess, and a very determined youngest-he knew what he wanted and did it. Sigh. Breakfast, moaning belly-acher who after the threat of the emergency room and some Pink Panther on Netflix felt much better.

Meditation- with kids safely ticked away with the Pink Panther, I did Day 16 of the Chopra Center 21 Day Meditation Challenge. It is a short, guided meditation. I have been working on creating a regular practice for about a year now, it is quite a challenge, but one worth taking.

Paint the nails/toenails of the Princess, send on to swimming, one to Grandma's and it is off to yoga for the Princess

Yoga-Tim Horton's for a bagel (Princess) and a not so nice latte.

Drop Princess, drive to work. Work. Hot Yoga. Home, Snack-Apple, Balderson Cheddar and Rice Crackers and here I am.

So what the %$%^* is this post about? Didn't she say something about joining? Milati?

It would have been very easy to be overwhelmed with everything I had to do today.

But I wasn't

It could have been very easy to lose my patience at work tonight.

But I didn't

I could have been very easy to judge/beat myself up/ feel frustrated with my Yoga Practice.

But I felt good. Peaceful. Relaxed.

All of the parts of my are beginning to join in ways I did not see before. In beautiful amazing ways.


Monday, 30 July 2012

Weekly Goals

Since it is Monday I have decided to create some weekly goals for myself. I like lists. So this week here is what I am prepared to do.

1.) Drink two litres of water a day
2.) Get caught up on sleep
3.) Write down what I eat

Here's why:

1.) Water is good for you.  It is the primary component of all bodily fluids. It is cleansing, detoxifies (especially when you add lemon), fills you, has zero calories, helps with weight loss.

Water should be consumed throughout the day, and about an hour before meals, but not after as it can affect your digestive process.

I drink an 8oz glass on rising, and then fill my bottle up after breakfast with ice and lemon. Some people believe you should consume it at room temperature, but I like it cold.

Yes I go to the bathroom a lot. It is the price I pay for feeling good.

2.) Sleep. I have three kids. I have not slept in 8 years. Finally, my kids are all sleeping throught the night. Now is my chance to sleep. I have slept in for the past two mornings-til 8! Shhhh!!! What I have been trying to do is wake up BEFORE everyone else, so I can meditate, do some yoga postures (or go to my favorite studio MOKSHA Peterborough http://peterborough.mokshayoga.ca/home/) for the early morning class) You can imagine what that might entail....This resulted in a very tired, grumpy person so now I have to adjust
CHANGE-there is that word again, well at least until I find the right balance.
Ten years ago waking up at 8:00 AM was AGONIZING. Now it is glorious.

3.) Write down what I eat. As a WeightWatchersTM leader, I talk to my members all the time about the importance of writing dow what you eat. Research shows that people who write down what they eat lose twice as much weight. Though I am just trying to maintain my weight it will be helpful for me to keep things in check by writing them down.

So far I am three for three today!

What will you do this week to spark a change or create more balance in your life??


"Be the change you want to see in the world" -Gandhi

Change is difficult. Changing your life........

I have been changing for about 10 years now.  It is an ongoing process that has led me here. The last ten years for me involved getting married, having three kids, the death of my father and father-in-law, building a new house and moving from the city to the country, getting my driver's liscense at 38, losing 50+ pounds, two new jobs,treatment for anxiety and depression, beginning a yoga practice at 41 and my husband opening his own business.

Still breathing.....

I know that I have not surpassed insurmountable odds as many have, I am healthy, getting fit, emotionally strong and my family is amazing. I am a very lucky person.

This blog is about my quest to create balance in my life. Balance in family, career, health and spirit.

I hope is that you will find inspiration, hope, humour and love in my posts.