Monday, 30 July 2012

Weekly Goals

Since it is Monday I have decided to create some weekly goals for myself. I like lists. So this week here is what I am prepared to do.

1.) Drink two litres of water a day
2.) Get caught up on sleep
3.) Write down what I eat

Here's why:

1.) Water is good for you.  It is the primary component of all bodily fluids. It is cleansing, detoxifies (especially when you add lemon), fills you, has zero calories, helps with weight loss.

Water should be consumed throughout the day, and about an hour before meals, but not after as it can affect your digestive process.

I drink an 8oz glass on rising, and then fill my bottle up after breakfast with ice and lemon. Some people believe you should consume it at room temperature, but I like it cold.

Yes I go to the bathroom a lot. It is the price I pay for feeling good.

2.) Sleep. I have three kids. I have not slept in 8 years. Finally, my kids are all sleeping throught the night. Now is my chance to sleep. I have slept in for the past two mornings-til 8! Shhhh!!! What I have been trying to do is wake up BEFORE everyone else, so I can meditate, do some yoga postures (or go to my favorite studio MOKSHA Peterborough for the early morning class) You can imagine what that might entail....This resulted in a very tired, grumpy person so now I have to adjust
CHANGE-there is that word again, well at least until I find the right balance.
Ten years ago waking up at 8:00 AM was AGONIZING. Now it is glorious.

3.) Write down what I eat. As a WeightWatchersTM leader, I talk to my members all the time about the importance of writing dow what you eat. Research shows that people who write down what they eat lose twice as much weight. Though I am just trying to maintain my weight it will be helpful for me to keep things in check by writing them down.

So far I am three for three today!

What will you do this week to spark a change or create more balance in your life??


  1. I too am trying the Lemmon in water I drink so much water but a trainer told me about how it detoxes you and is great for you and gives you lots of energy do that is one of my goals too!! Very happy your doing this will give ideas on what to work in too and I may steal some of your goals some weeks lol Tracy Flagler

  2. I am trying out Cross Fit and planning my meals a day in advance. I am enjoying the challenge both of these things are bringing me.

    1. I really want to try cross fit!! I bet it is a great workout!! I will do it someday

  3. The planning amkes such a huge difference. Even if what we eat isn't perfect-when we take the time to plan, we are becoming much more mindful of our habits. So awesome.

    Crossfit is very challenging, but I think also very satisfying, something I would also enjoy trying.