Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Weekly Goals Mid-week update!

Weekly goals are coming along:

1.) Drinkin' lots of H20. Yesterday I almost didn't make my quota, but stuck it out b/c I needed to stay hydrated after hot yoga last night, halfway through my quota for today

2.) Sleeping is OK, went to bed late late night, then had some trouble getting to sleep, but eventually got there, up early to do a WW meeting at 7:30 GAH! Snuck in a nap after I taught private lessons today.

3.) Have written down mostly everything I have eaten for the last two days, except today as I left the house at 6:30 with no lunch box. As a result I ate crap.

Here it is-my penance

2 McDonalds breakfast wraps-double suck b/c I do not tolerate wheat or refined carbs-super bloat

Nut Bar

Chinese Take Out- Pepper Steak, Mixed Veggies and Rice Noodles-inhaled

6 squares of Green and Blacks dark choclate mint YUM

Couple ounces deli chicken, fressh green beans from Grandma's garden and some baked potato wedges (thank-you McCain) also sure to cause bloat, and a table spoon of ketchup.

Not so bad but most likely 56 or so PP, with a daily target of 32 to maintain, so hmmmm......perhaps I should go for a run-oh wait-I dont run. GAH

It is not like me to be discouraged though and this will be the best part of this post.

What's done is done. The only thing that matters is this present moment. That is where the power is. At any given moment we have the opportunity to change. Change how we feel, act, eat.

What a gift.


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