Wednesday, 2 January 2013

364 Things I am grateful for.....

Ok, I started a day late. I have been trying to get into the "New Year" "New Me" mentality, for a couple of weeks now, Getting into the groove of a fresh start, but frankly, I down in the dumps.
My weight is at an all time high, since losing 50 lbs two years ago, my funds are low, the kids are fighting and it's the middle of winter. Not exactly a recipe for rebirth.

So this morning when I walked into my kitchen, I decided I would post daily, for all to see things that I am grateful for. Something for each day of the year.

364 Things I am grateful for:

1.) January 2nd, 2013 I am grateful for my son Noah, who is turning nine today. He is the first baby I held in my arms and I am very happy he came into our lives, healthy, and perfect. I am also grateful for a clean, warm house and the gently falling snow.

2.) January 3, 2013

I am grateful for new beginnings and the potential for change. For finally being heard and feeling valued. I am grateful my kids found a way to all get along to day, and that I got to witness them playing and cooperating. And I am extremely grateful to my husband, my guide, the helpful soul who believes in me more than I could ever believe in myself. I am truly blessed. 

3.)January 4, 2013

 Today I am grateful for my return to my yoga practice-at the studio, that is. Today's class re-affirmed my commitment to practice. Exceptionally grateful, to Kayla, today's teacher for creating such a great series. Grateful to my husband, Kevin today who stayed home to get the kids off to daycare so I could practice and go to work. Grateful for the vegetable pakoras I am going to make when I get home tonight. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

4.) January 5, 2013

Today I am so very grateful to the amazing people I have met through my work with Weight Watchers. Staff, Upper management, members, lifetime members, every one of these people have made a positive impact in my life. Even when I thought it wasn't positive at the time. Every interaction is an opportunity for me to grow, and learn. And for that I am grateful.

5.) So many things to be grateful for today, printable templates-helped me plan and create "Spy" birthday invitations for my son's birthday, and come up with some super cool activities for the party. My in home yoga studio that my AMAZING husband built for me-was able to fit in a 60 minute Moksha series AT HOME. Nice. My sister is visiting in just 10 days-always a crazy but fun time. Friends who support me through email when I just need that extra push. Sweet potato Shepherd's Pie. 

So I guess this is gonna get kinda long, so Im moving it to it's own tab! Check my GRATITUDE  tab. Hey, I guess I ma also grateful for TABS. YAY.

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