Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Moksha

I have been practicing hot yoga since May. I was hooked from the first class. The studio I practice at, is an amazing space with some really passionate teachers and students It is a home away from home, a true Sangha, and I love it dearly.

Moksha Peterborough offers a wide variety of classes, from the traditional 60 and 90 minute Moksha series classes, to reduced heat Vinyasa, Yin, And Yin/Yang Classes. Recent additions to the schedule are Laughter Yoga and Hot Pilates, two classes I really look forward to attending when my schedule permits. Personally I love the Vinyasa classes and 90 minute Moksha. I feel the extra 30 minutes does it for me. We also had the opportunity to practice Ashtanga yoga, with a guest instructor, probably the highlight so far of my "official" yogadom.

 Seriously, if I could be there everyday, I would.

I started out with an Intro Monthly Pass-$40!!! for a month of unlimited yoga. Then I moved on to an auto renew pass. When finances became an issue for me, I spoke to the manager and asked about the "Energy Exchange" program. this program is designed to help people who could otherwise not practice, by offering free weekly passes in exchange for working at the studio. So I help clean the place  my home away from home, and in exchange I get FREE YOGA. How cool is that.

Today, I dropped in just as a class was ending. I ran into some old friends, students who I practiced with daily and haven't seen since our work schedules changed, three of my FAVORITE teachers, hanging out, taking care of the sangha and just being, and the little yogi, our dear studio owners' new baby boy.
Everyone welcomed me like an old friend and we chatted about upcoming classes, workshops and just STUFF. Highlight of my day. Thanks guys. 

Moksha Peterborough offers more than just a "Calm Mind and a Fit Body" It is a community, a deeply caring and spiritual group of people who have made a huge impact on my life.

For that I am eternally grateful.

So will be glad you did.

Check out your local, Moksha studio, I hope you find what I have. If you live in Peterborough ON, and haven't dropped in, I highly recommend it. You might never leave.


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