Monday, 7 January 2013

Morning Meditation

I am sure when you read the title of this post your mind pictured something like this:

                                           Or maybe even this

But actually is was more like this:

Shoveling Snow. Minus the hat. My hair ACTUALLY froze. 

But with this simple, daily, winter activity I was overwhelmed with a sense of calm. The in-between happy/sad/angry/mad place where you connect with your purpose. The place where you find YOU. And even though it only lasted minutes, they felt like a lifetime.

This is the beauty that a daily mediation practice can bring you. The peace. The most amazing thing about going within is that is can be done anywhere, and does not have to be in a quiet room, on a special cushion, with incense.....I could go on. You do not need to know how to "do it", you don't need a book a manual, a website to tell you how.

You just need to sit and be still. Breathe. Witness. When thoughts come, look at them and smile. Then breathe. Witness. Be still.

Shovel, sweep, wash dishes, play with your kids, but in every situation be mindful, be there, fully in the moment.

It's that simple. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did.


  1. I love this post!! How true! I have felt this same peace...purpose the midst of chaos! It was shift change at work and the office was packed. Everyone doing their own thing to get ready to end their day. I looked up from my work, took a breath, and just like you said, I "witnessed" and suddenly connected with the scene and was overcome with a calm peace the couldn't have lasted but a few minutes but again just as you said,"felt like a lifetime"!!! I've never felt that intense a peace and connection as I did that day, in that moment!! I am so glad I happened by this post! Made me realize I can find it again!! "sit and be still. breathe."

    1. I am glad you found it too! Thank-you for sharing your experience, I got goosebumps reading it!

      Wishing you many more moments like these....